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Clint Eastwood

92-year-old Clint Eastwood: Plant-Based Diet is Critical For The Planet, Everyone Should Eat It

At the age of 92, actor Clint Eastwood has long been a figure in the film industry, but his latest project, a documentary called Why on Earth, might be one of his most significant parts.
The film, created by animal-rights advocate and filmmaker Katie Cleary, follows the path of five nations as it examines humanity’s destruction of animal habitats and self-destruction via unsustainable practices such as palm oil plantation deforestation, hunting, shark finning, and animal agriculture.
In the film’s trailer, Eastwood expressed his love for animals. He stated that he not only sees the beauty in them but wants to help preserve their life and populations.
In the film, Eastwood’s presence lends legitimacy to the movement’s efforts to make significant improvements, such as a shift to more sustainable food systems and diets. “The plant-based diet should affect positive changes for the well-being of animals and people,” Dr. Green added.
92-year-old Clint Eastwood: Plant-Based Diet is Critical For The Planet, Everyone Should Eat It

Clint Eastwood in Why on Earth
Clint Eastwood is best-known for his roles in Western-themed films, but Why on Earth reveals a different side of the award-winning actor. Cleary—who founded animal welfare organization Peace 4 Animals—first connected with Clint Eastwood through his daughter Alison Eastwood. Alison co-founded Eastwood Ranch Foundation, which focuses on rescuing animals from high-kill shelters in Southern California.
In Why on Earth, Cleary let Clint Eastwood discuss his love and compassion for animals as well as how to ensure their survival. “He takes us through the whole process. He’s incredible. He’s a huge animal lover,” Cleary told Fox News regarding Eastwood. “So, this film really just brings out an amazing side to him that maybe a lot of people haven’t seen, which is that compassionate side, especially for animals.”
Why On Earth also features other animal lovers, such as NBA legend John Salley; anti-poaching organizations in Africa; people striving to protect orangutans in areas deforested by the palm oil industry; and groups like Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) that are trying to expose the cruelty of the animal agriculture industry. “The best thing we can do is manage the beautiful things we have and animals fit right into that category,” says Clint Eastwood at the film’s conclusion.
Why on Earth, starring Alison Eastwood, debuted on August 16 in the United States and Canada. The film is available to stream through various platforms, including In Demand, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Vimeo
Plant-based diet to fight climate crisis?
On the surface, On Earth Why is a documentary about climate change that focuses on humans’ profound impact on our environment through many actions. As a result of this film and Clint Eastwood’s claims, switching to a plant-based diet has become an increasingly popular option.
An Oxford research published in the Science journal in 2018 found that adopting a plant-based diet is “the single biggest way” to reduce environmental harm.This extensive research was based on five years of study and data from almost 39,000 farms in 119 countries.
In order to come to this conclusion, researchers looked at the environmental impact of producing 40 foods. These foods make up for 90 percent of all food eaten globally.Joseph Poore and his team found that the animal agriculture industry is responsible for a whopping 60 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. If everyone removed animal products from their diets, they would reduce their carbon footprint by 73 percent.
According to the researchers, if meat and dairy production were abandoned, global farmland usage would be reduced by a whopping 75 percent.
Recent research have arrived at similar conclusions, including a study published in Nature Food in 2021 that found meat production was responsible for twice as much greenhouse gas emissions as plant and food processing.
Other recent films with similar themes include Why on Earth, as well as other documentaries in the past several years such as Eating Our Way to Extinction.This documentary, which stars Kate Winslet as well and was produced by London-based brothers Ludo and Otto Brockway to raise public awareness about the planet’s devastating environmental and health consequences of animal farming, is told through the people who are on the front lines experiencing climate change.

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Clint Eastwood

On This Day: Clint Eastwood Film ‘Honkytonk Man’ Loosely Based on Jimmie Rodgers Hits Theaters in 1982

Clint Eastwood is a honkey tonk man. It’s been years since the legendary actor starred in the country music pilgrimage “Honkeytonk Man.”

The film released on Dec. 15, 1982, and starred both Eastwood and his son Kyle. Eastwood plays Red Stovall, a famous if reckless musician determined to secure his legacy. His character is based upon famed musician Jimmie Rodgers. Red teams up with his nephew, played by Eastwood’s son, for a road trip odyssey to the Grand Ole Opry.

Clint Eastwood Stars as a Famous Country Musician

The film is a poignant look at the legacy of the musician as much as it is a coming of age story. For all of Red’s gruffness and swagger, there’s a vulnerability to him and a fear. The country singer has tuberculosis, a death sentence back during the Great Depression. So, he must confront his mortality head-on through his music and the relationships he leaves behind. But, Red’s relationship with his nephew is the heart of the film.

The character is helped by Clint Eastwood’s own legacy. The actor’s name is forever ingrained with the Western films he made as a young man. Eastwood helped create the stereotype of the hardened gunslinger and later the hardened detective with the “Dirty Harry” franchise. But later in his career, he dismantled these archetypes, giving performances filled with emotion and vulnerability. And in “Honkeytonk Man,” Eastwood examines the life of a performer.

The film featured the last appearance by legend Marty Robbins, who appears as the guitarist Smokey. Robbins died that December before the film’s release.

Jimmie Rodgers Also Faced His Mortality

Rodgers inspired Clint Eastwood’s film the narrative of the film. Many consider Rodgers to be the father of country music. The musician came to prominence in the 1920s and during the Great Depression. He won over audiences with his recordings, which continued after his death. Like Red, doctors diagnosed Rodgers with tuberculosis. The singer was only 27 and would fight the disease for another eight years.

Rodgers kept recording until his death in 1933, aided by a nurse in the recording studio. To bookend his career, he recorded “Years Ago,” which was one of his first songs.

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Clint Eastwood

Marty Robbins Died Today in 1982: Relive His Time on Screen with Clint Eastwood in ‘Honkytonk Man’

Marty Robbins did a lot during his time on earth. From singing, songwriting, stock car racing, playing instruments, and even acting, Robbins’ resume was impressive. It also includes stepping in for legendary actor Clint Eastwood.

Perhaps Robbins’ most memorable role was in “Honkytonk Man” alongside Eastwood. Clint Eastwood produced, directed, and starred as Red Stovall in the classic. Robbins was cast as one of Stovall’s band members named Smoky. Eastwood’s son, Kyle, also stars in the film as Stovall’s nephew, Whit.

The storyline features Stovall’s dream of making it to the Grand Ole Opry in the Great Depression era. Stovall finally arrives in Nashville after a cross-country journey with his nephew and gets his chance to perform in front of Grand Ole Opry scouts.

However, Stovall can’t escape a coughing fit that’s brought on by his tuberculosis illness. This is where Robbins, the side guitarist, steps in for Eastwood.

His true talent shines while Smoky unintentionally steals the spotlight. Watch the scene below.

“Honkytonk Man” was released on December 15, 1982. Robbins passed away seven days earlier, making this his final appearance on the silver screen. He was 57 when he died on December 8, after suffering his third serious heart attack.

More About Marty Robbins

Robbins was one of the most popular and successful country-western singers for most of his nearly four-decade career that spanned from the late 1940s to the early 1980s. 

Over the course of his career, Robbins’ resume continued to grow. Classic Country Music cites that he recorded more than 500 songs and 60 albums and won two Grammy Awards. Furthermore, he was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and was named the 1960s Artist of the Decade by the Academy of Country Music.

Robbins was obsessed with El Paso, both the name and the town grown-up. So naturally, he sang a song titled “El Paso.” The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a love s story. Robbins went on to win a Grammy Award in 1959 for his signature song.

Not only did Robbins love the sound of music but he loved the roar of a stock car machine. His success in country music allowed him to fund his NASCAR team. Robbins had 6 top-ten finishes in his career, with a personal best top 5 finish at the 1974 Motor State 360 in Michigan.

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Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood: Here’s How the Cowboy Icon Landed His First Role in a Western

Arguably one of the best actors to ever grace Western cinema, Clint Eastwood is an icon. His work in Westerns over his career has been outstanding. But, how did he get his start in that particular part of the industry?

It is fascinating how Clint Eastwood landed his first role in a Western. However, the first Western that the legendary actor was in was an uncredited role in a little-known movie. He played a ranch hand in the 1955 movie called Law Man, which is also known as Star in the Dust.

While the role was small, it got Clint Eastwood excited about the prospects of acting in Westerns. As everyone knows today, it seems that he was destined to play a cowboy in his career. As a tough-looking, tall, handsome man, he fits the role exceedingly well.

Clint Eastwood Got His First Role in a Western Almost By Accident

According to IMDb, Eastwood got into Western movies because he looks the part. Reportedly, he was visiting a friend at the CBS studio when an executive spotted him. During the exchange, Eastwood was told that he “looked like a cowboy.”

Even though this is absolutely true and fits the role to a tee, it is impressive that’s how he landed a role. The first credited movie that he was in because of this exchange was a 1959 Western television show called Rawhide.

Clint Eastwood was cast as Rowdy Yates in the show. Rawhide ran from 1959 to 1965, and Clint Eastwood was in the show for its entirety. In fact, he had the most episodes of anyone in the show. This is somewhat surprising, considering his extensive cinema work outside the show.

Rawhide essentially launched his Western movie career. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly was filmed in 1966, certainly a direct result of his work on the television show.

So, it is safe to say that the CBS executive who pegged him as a man fit for Western’s was definitely correct. You can thank that man for the wonderful work that Clint Eastwood has done ever since.

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