8 Actors Before And After They Got The Call From Marvel

8 Actors Before And After They Got The Call From Marvel


When Marvel Studios comes a knockin’ on your door, asking you to join their Cinematic Universe, you’d better answer! It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. You get to play a SUPERHERO, for crying out loud.

These characters are beloved the world over and are an inspiration to countless people. If the prospect isn’t enough to excite you, we don’t know what will.

Beyond being a superhero, you get the opportunity to really bulk up. Like, seriously. You have to be in the best shape of your life if you want to do any superhero-ing. These actors completely devoted themselves both mentally and physically to their roles and the results are astonishing.

Robert Downey Jr. not only transformed his body, but he managed to pull off an incredible career comeback. Chris Pratt was most known for being the pudgy, funny guy on ‘Parks and Recreation.’ Kumail Nanjiani and Paul Rudd are two more comedic actors who hit the gym and ended up significantly transforming their bodies in remarkable ways.

And the list doesn’t end there! You’ve also got actors like Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chadwick Boseman. All of them were already in great shape, but they had to put the extra time and work in to reach the superhero level. Brie Larson even trained by pushing a car down the road – yes, a CAR.

These actor transformations truly are incredible and inspirational. We’ve picked eight of our favorites to share with you. Let’s dive right in and see how these eight actors transformed themselves for these roles.

Credit: Screen Rant Youtube Channel


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