Ben Affleck Returns as Bruce Wayne in The Batman 2

Ben Affleck Returns as Bruce Wayne in The Batman 2


With The Batman having just released in theaters, the famous Caped Crusader is on everyone’s mind. While Robert Pattinson may have been the Dark Knight in Matt Reeves’ adventure, there’s another actor known for the role who never completely left viewers’ minds across the world: Ben Affleck. First seen in Batman v Superman, and most recently seen in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Affleck quickly became many fans’ favorite interpretation of Gotham’s Protector.

Sadly, however, his time looks to have come to an end. The actor has spoken out time and time again about how he hasn’t had the best of times with the role, and he’s made it clear he wants to leave the role as gracefully as he can.

His last appearance, at least as of now, will be in the upcoming The Flash film. However, thanks to some new rumors, it seems that Affleck may not be completely done with the cowl.

A recent rumor teased that the possibility of a Crisis on Infinite Earths-type event film for the DCEU—think of it as a Multiverse crossover extravaganza—would be teased at the end of next year’s The Flash. Even more interesting is how that event may work on screen.

Either way, plenty of fans will be pleased to know that the possibility for that version of Batman to return may still be in existence.

But what will that teaser actually include? Well, the Synderverse Bruce Wayne is always on top of everything. Maybe he notices something funky happening with the Multiverse, timeline, or something similar. He could also have some new crazy visions like he did for the Knightmare future.


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