Bloodsport Redux Trailer (2022)

Bloodsport Redux Trailer (2022)


After winning the infamous Kumite, Frank Dux was never seen in public again. Years later, a man dubiously claimed to be the great and mysterious martial arts legend.

Without any accounts from those who were really there, these stories have remained unchallenged, until now. A viral video has exposed the imposter and the search for the real Frank Dux is on.

As former opponents come forward, the real Dux is called to come forward and defend the honour of his mentor and teacher Senzo Tanaka.

With the recent Bloodsport: Redux trailer going viral. It was done so well a lot of people thought it was the trailer to a legit Bloodsport sequel finally. Unfortunately, not, it was just a fan-made trailer.

This prompted me to look back at the legit Bloodsport sequel that was in the works for a short time. Bloodsport is easily in the top ten of the biggest and best martial arts movies of all time.

Nothing had quite hit the scene since Enter the Dragon. It put Jean Claude van Damme on the map and made him a star.

What followed was a string of theatrical releases for Van Damme before he slipped into the Steven Seagal straight to DVD movies. But what happened to the real sequel?



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