Chuck Norris vs Donnie Yen | Karate vs Wing Chun

Chuck Norris vs Donnie Yen | Karate vs Wing Chun


You will not have a complete action fighters’ list without Chuck Norris and Donnie Yen.

Norris and Yen are two iconic action movie actors that graced the big screen with their fighting prowess.

These two action machines have carved niches for themselves and are movie icons in their own rights.

With their history, experience, and expertise these two prodigies are part of the elite stars who command so much respect, especially in the martial arts film genre.

Can you imagine these two dudes in a one-on-one battle?

It would be a battle of Legends.

But who do you think will emerge as the winner?

Well, that is exactly what we’re about to find out in this video.

So be sure to stick around till the end.


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