DEADPOOL 3 – First Look Trailer (2023) Marvel Studios & Disney+ Movie

DEADPOOL 3 – First Look Trailer (2023) Marvel Studios & Disney+ Movie


The inspiration behind this video:

The tease of Ryan Reynolds getting back in superhero movie shape for a Deadpool role is quite intriguing. It was previously announced that Deadpool 3 would not begin filming in 2022.

Reynolds starting training at this point either means that Deadpool 3 is happening much sooner than previously expected or that the actor is preparing to film a Deadpool cameo for another MCU project.

Of course, Reynolds might also want to start training months in advance due to his already busy schedule.

While Deadpool 3 was not officially part of Marvel Studios’ Multiverse Saga announcements, there is still a good chance that the movie comes out in the next few years.

Disney’s release calendar has an untitled Marvel movie dated for February 2024, so Deadpool 3 could be the missing Phase 5 movie.

If that is the case, then Ryan Reynolds might need to be ready for fight training and other pre-production steps by the end of this year. This all hopefully means that more announcements on Deadpool 3 will come very soon.

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