ETERNALS: Black Knight Deleted Scene Breakdown and Marvel Easter Eggs

ETERNALS: Black Knight Deleted Scene Breakdown and Marvel Easter Eggs


Covering new Eternals Black Knight Deleted Scene. Kit Harington Black Knight, Richard Madden from Game Of Thrones. Eternals Post Credit Scene and Eternals Mid Credit Scene. Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs. Harry Styles Eros Starfox Explained, Thanos Brother and how he’s another Eternal from Titan just like Thanos.

Pip The Troll Explained and Thanos Infinity Gauntlet Connection. Eternals Ending Explained, Arishem the Judge and what he does with the other Eternals and what the Celestials World Forge means for Eternals 2 Sequel Movies.

The Blade Movie is where we’ll see Kit Harington Black Knight next in the MCU before Avengers 5 and Eternals 2 Movies. Most of the Post Credit Scene and Mid Credit Scene plot is meant to set up Eternals 2 with the Eternals vs Celestials. I’ll do more videos for Starfox Harry Styles Eros and Kit Harington Black Knight soon.

The Eternals will eventually crossover in Avengers 5 and crossover with Avengers in other movies like Spider-Man and Doctor Strange crossing over together in Spider-Man No Way Home. And the Shang Chi Post Credit Scene teasing Avengers 5 plot. And how Eternals 2 and Sequel Movies will handle other groups of Eternals from other planets. Like Thanos and his family of Eternals from Titan in Avengers Infinity War.

There will be more Marvel Trailers for upcoming movies and disney plus series soon too. Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Multiverse of Madness, Moon Knight Trailer, She Hulk Trailer, Hawkeye Finale, Morbius Trailer and more details on Spider-Man 4 and Tom Holland’s new Trilogy of Movies!

More Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness Trailer videos coming! And More Spider-Man No Way Home videos soon too! My Full Star Wars The Mandalorian Book Of Boba Fett Episode 3 video will post next Wednesday too.


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