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Clint Eastwood

Every ‘Dirty Harry’ Movie Ranked Worst To Best

The legendary Clint Eastwood turns 92 this year, and it seems like after one of the longest careers in Hollywood, he’s finally settling down. It’s ironic that Eastwood’s retirement comes thirty years after his film Unforgiven was released; the western epic was seemingly the “summation” of all of his characters up until that point, but Eastwood continued to direct and act for another three decades. Eastwood’s final film Cry Macho was released in theaters and on HBO Max last fall, but if there’s one thing you shouldn’t do, it’s to count him out of the game entirely.

Before he stepped behind the camera for the first time with Play Misty For Me, Eastwood gained international acclaim thanks to his breakout performance in Sergio Leone’s “The Man With No Name Trilogy.” It was hardly the last time he’d portray a grim, masochistic anti-hero. 1971’s Dirty Harry changed the course of action cinema with its gritty intensity.

Compared to the lighter action farce that was popular in the ‘60s, the Dirty Harry series grounded its depiction of true crime in reality. Eastwood’s character Harry Callahan became one of his most iconic characters; he’s still associated with some of the hard-boiled detective’s most memorable one-liners.

Dirty Harry was followed by four sequels, and the entire series is now streaming on HBO Max. While it’s inevitable that every franchise will be rebooted at some point, it’s hard to imagine anyone being able to fill Eastwood’s shoes. Here are all five Dirty Harry movies, ranked worst to best.

5. The Dead Pool (1988)

While the original Dirty Harry stood out for its commitment to realism, the final film in the series pushed the franchise closer to absurdity. Callahan is known to make some smirky comments, but The Dead Pool is so focused on coining catchphrases that any semblance of stakes is absent. The film follows Callahan’s mission to hunt down a serial killer that targets prominent public figures, including himself. He’s tasked with protecting the gossip journalist Samantha Walker (Patricia Clarkson).

At 91 minutes, The Dead Pool is light on any actual mystery. The film goes to exaggerated lengths to frame the music video director Peter Swan (Liam Neeson) as the culprit that it’s obvious there will be a twist at some point. Even Eastwood seems bored by the eventual revelation. The Dead Pool isn’t unwatchable, as a memorable over-the-top performance by Jim Carrey at least makes it enjoyable, but it’s the most forgettable in the series.

4. The Enforcer (1976)

While the first two Dirty Harry films are certainly landmarks of action cinema, they’re first and foremost detective stories. Callahan was an engaging character because he was actually solving the case alongside the audience, and the films did a good job at blending suspense within the setpieces. This started to disappear by the third film The Enforcer, which goes the shoot em’ up route instead.

The Enforcer focuses on Callahan’s search for the elusive crime boss Bobby Maxwell (DeVeren Bookwalter), and for the most part the “cat and mouse” premise is entertaining. By the third installment, Callahan’s initial sense of honor became more implausible given the ruthlessness of the material, but the film does at least offer a different perspective. Callahan teams up with the new character Inspector Kate Moore (Tay Daly), and for once one of his partners actually questions his worldview.

3. Sudden Impact (1983)

The fourth film in the series was the only installment that Eastwood directed himself. Having already been in the director’s chair for over a decade, Eastwood had found his groove telling fast-paced stories with frequently disturbing material. While Sudden Impact is just as action-packed as The Enforcer, it’s by far the bloodiest installment. Eastwood was able to retain some gravitas to the series after The Enforcer pushed it further into camp.

Sudden Impact picks up with an older and more cynical Callahan, who for once somewhat sympathizes with his chief target. The con artist Jennifer Spencer (Sondra Lock) takes vengeance on a gang of traffickers that committed horrible acts of violence against her, and Callahan can empathize with her desire for justice. The sexual politics and depiction of assault haven’t aged well, but it was a more mature theme to tackle that indicated Eastwood’s more ambitious aspirations as a filmmaker.

2. Magnum Force (1973)

It was honestly a fairly difficult decision as to which film would take the top spot. Magnum Force is an excellent neo-noir crime thriller, and tackles prevalent themes of police corruption and conspiracy. Although the later entries in the series used Callahan’s conflicts with authority for comic relief, Magnum Force put him up against the systemic coverup within the San Francisco Police Department. He’s always been a maverick, but for once, Callahan actually felt like an outsider within his profession. The sharp script by Apocalypse Now and Conan the Barbarian scribe John Milus is the most thoughtful of the five films.

Callahan begins tracking down a group of vigilante cops that enact their own, cruel form of “justice;” as he uncovers the violent abuse of the badge, Callahan is forced to question his own tactics. As he weighs deeper into the conspiracy, Callahan discovers that the entire force he’s dedicated his life to is facing serious questions of legitimacy, and his entire career may have been in vain. Hal Halbrook delivers a genuinely terrifying performance as the villainous insider Lieutenant Neil Briggs. Holbrook’s dramatic background made Briggs a cut above the “villain-of-the-week” style antagonists of the other sequels.

1. Dirty Harry (1971)

As underrated as Magnum Force is, it can’t quite match the impact of the original classic. Dirty Harry doesn’t completely absolve Callahan’s behavior or lionize his worldview; it simply pits him within a deadly chase to take down the best villain of the series, the sniper Scorpio (Andy Robinson). Scorpio’s precise assassinations are methodically incorporated throughout, and the film doesn’t sensationalize the acts of realistic violence for the sake of being a crowd pleaser.

Dirty Harry was directed by Don Siegel, a Hollywood veteran whose acclaimed filmography includes the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Escape From Alcatraz, and The Shootist. Siegel takes time to develop Callahan’s worldview, and explores his frustrations with inaction when Scorpio threatens innocent civilians. While all the films are products of the era in which they were released, Dirty Harry has more in common with the gritty New Hollywood crime dramas like Dog Day Afternoon and Serpico than it does just another star vehicle.

Clint Eastwood

You Won’t Believe How Much Clint Eastwood Was Earning Before He Landed His First Leading Role in a Movie

With a career spanning over 6-decades, Clint Eastwood has made a mammoth fortune with his net worth standing at $375M following his contribution to the field of acting, filmmaking, and composing. However, it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbow when it came to his salary in the entertainment industry, especially during his early 20s when he was just starting out as an actor.
Although it took Eastwood a while to land his first acting gig after getting rejected for Six Bridges to Cross, the following year, he made his acting debut in Revenge of the Creature. But after a string of minor and often uncredited roles, his career eventually picked up the pace with the western series Rawhide, for which he wasn’t exactly paid boatloads of money.
Clint Eastwood in Cry Macho

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood Made $700 per Episode for His First Major Project
While it was Sir Sergio Leone’s Dollars trilogy that earned Clint Eastwood international stardom, prior to playing the lead in the Western, it was his part in Rawhide that put him on the map. And for his role of Ramrod Rowdy Yates, he reportedly made around $700 per episode which approximately adds up to $6000 in today’s dollars that pales in comparison to his huge paydays.
A few years after marking his debut in the hit western, the actor would eventually find himself playing the iconic Man with No Name in 1964’s A Fistful of Dollars, which he agreed for $15000.
Rawhide (1959)Rawhide (1959)
Clint Eastwood Almost Didn’t Return for the The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
For the first installment in his Dollars trilogy, Sir Sergio Leone originally aimed to cast James Coburn in the badass role, but eventually let go of his plans for budget issues, as Coburn charged $25000.
Per BBC (via Farout Magazine), Leone stated,
“I really wanted James Coburn, but he was too expensive. The Italian cinema is very poor. We got Clint for $15,000, Coburn wanted $25,000.”
Following the mammoth success of A Fistful of Dollars, Eastwood’s paycheck witnessed a healthy spike for the sequel, as the studio offered him $50,000. But for the threequel, the Unforgiven Star made an astonishing $$250K following his reluctance to reprise the role in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, with Sir Leone almost recasting Charles Bronson in the role.
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Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966)Clint Eastwood | The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Thankfully, the American icon went on to star in the threequel, often considered the best the genre has to offer, and the film became the biggest success of the trilogy, making around $38 Million.
The Dollars Trilogy is available to rent on Apple TV.


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Clint Eastwood

Disaster Drama Film Hereafter: Everything You Need to Know

The disaster drama movie “Hereafter,” directed by Clint Eastwood, explores the supernatural and the philosophical. The movie, which came out in 2010, looks at life after death through a series of interconnected stories.
The goal of this blog is to give a full picture of “Hereafter,” including its plot, cast, production information, reviews, and more.

“Hereafter” combines three separate stories, all of which are about death and the future. The movie starts with a dramatic scene of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

It then follows the lives of three characters: a French writer who has a near-death experience, a psychic in San Francisco who can talk to the dead, and a schoolboy in London who loses his twin brother. The people in these stories seek answers to life’s most important questions.
Cast Members
Matt Damon plays psychic George Lonegan, who has trouble with his powers. Cécile de France plays journalist Marie Lelay, who survives the tsunami. And Frankie and George McLaren play the London twins, Marcus and Jason.

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In supporting roles, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jay Mohr, and Thierry Neuvic are also in the cast.


The story is more interesting by supporting actors like Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays George’s girlfriend Melanie, and Jay Mohr, who plays George’s brother Billy. Their performances are crucial to the movie’s study of relationships and the afterlife.
The Clint Eastwood movie “Hereafter” is known for taking a careful and thoughtful look at the subject. The production was well planned, especially the scene with the wave, which got great reviews for its realistic appearance.
Filming Locations
The movie was made in many places, such as San Francisco, Paris, and London. The different places give the movie’s look at death and the afterlife a global feel.

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Makers Team

The movie did well because of Eastwood’s direction, Peter Morgan’s script, and Tom Stern’s cinematography. The people who made this movie collaborated to bring this complicated story to life.

Reviews from Critics and FFans
Critical reviews of “Hereafter” were mixed. Some people liked how big the story was and how Eastwood directed it, but others thought it moved too slowly. It was, however, usually well-received by audiences who liked how reflective it was.
Where to Watch It?
It is possible to watch “Hereafter” on services like Netflix. This thought-provoking movie can be watched from the comfort of people’s homes by many people.
Matt Damon plays George Lonegan in a way that stands out for being subtle and deep. As Marie Lelay, Cécile de France gives an engaging performance that successfully shows the emotional journey of her character.

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Frankie and George McLaren, who are twins, give moving performances that capture the innocence and pain of youth.

The film “Hereafter” deals with deep and often unanswerable questions about life after death. The movie is a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience thanks to Clint Eastwood’s nuanced direction, the cast’s powerful performances, and the plot that weaves together different lives and experiences.
“Hereafter” is a movie that makes you think and feel deeply, whether you’re interested in its existential ideas or the emotional journeys of its characters.

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Clint Eastwood

Antiques Roadshow tonight – Helen Mirren portrait, vintage skateboards, ‘Queen’s Beasts’

The new instalment sees Fiona Bruce and the team at Clissold Park in the London borough of Hackney.
Among the uncovered gems are some valuable whisky bottles and a unique silver ring, shaped like a parrot, by Mocheh Oved—a piece that evokes nostalgia for John Benjamin.
Lisa Lloyd studies a striking portrait of a young Helen Mirren, while Marc Allum is captivated by an assortment of retro skateboards.
Serhat Ahmet inspects a petite porcelain collection of heraldic figurines named the Queen’s Beasts. Meanwhile, an original Clint Eastwood movie poster emerges as an unexpected treasure.
A pair of artisanal hot combs for styling African-Caribbean hair takes Ronnie Archer-Morgan on a trip down memory lane to his days as a hair stylist.
Lars Tharp’s curiosity is piqued by a ceramic container, once used by doctors to store leeches.
Antiques Roadshow airs at 8PM on BBC Two tonight, 29 October 2023.
The repeat episode, part of the 44th series, originally aired in October 2022.
You can also watch episodes online via the BBC iPlayer here.
Antiques Roadshow will continue next Sunday night on BBC Two with Survivor currently airing on BBC One.

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