FAST & FURIOUS 10 Trailer 2 (2023) Vin Diesel, Cody Walker | Fast and Furious 10 (Fan Made)

FAST & FURIOUS 10 Trailer 2 (2023) Vin Diesel, Cody Walker | Fast and Furious 10 (Fan Made)


Before Fast and Furious 10 hits theaters in April 7,2023, enjoy this dream trailer I made! I made this trailer as a fan of the franchise, and included the presence of the late Paul Walker (meant to be played by his brother Cody Walker) and some fun bringing the team on the moon! With special message from Marcos Salvo, Vin Diesel of Brazil.

Fast and Furious franchise has the reputation of being the highest viewed trailer in the channel so its always a pleasure to make one. As of writing this, the 10th installment is already announced, and what we know that all the cast will be returning except The Rock.

Based on the rumors, Paul Walker will be returning as well and will be played by his brother. With that in mind, I made that the highlight, using clips from F9 barbeque ending scene when they teased him, this time I edited him appearing (clip from Brick Mansions).

Of course you have to play “See You Again” in the background to give it the best experience.

Last trailer was focused on the blockbuster experience, and thankfully we can replicate that thanks to the FREE GUY driving in the city while the building falls, was perfect because it fits with how the franchise likes to go over the top. Speaking of, F9 brought them to space (thanks to memes), so to top that I used clips from AD STRA just like the previews trailer and made that the last scene (using audio from Furious 7).

One of the biggest thing everyone wants to see more in this franchise is the more race, so I made that the intro with clips from MOTORTREND and edited in our favorite characters. Also to put icing on a cake, and please our petrol heads, I included Tokyo scenes like last time.


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