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Clint Eastwood

From Al Pacino to Clint Eastwood, Here Are 9 Celebs Who Became Dads in Their Golden Years

Here Are 9 Older Celebs Who Welcomed Kids Later in Life
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Mike Marsland; Photo by Ray Tamarra

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Mike Marsland; Photo by Ray Tamarra

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Older celebs are rewriting the parenting playbook, proving that there’s no expiration date on fatherhood. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro have also joined the league of seasoned celebrity dads, challenging the conventional timeline. The National Center for Family and Marriage Research notes the average age for new fathers hovers between 27 and 30, but these icons are rewriting the script, embracing fatherhood past the age of 65. Juggling toddlers in your 30s is demanding enough, but these stars took on the challenge after retirement. From embracing the bachelor life to laser-focused careers, these nine celebrities deferred daddy duty until their 40s and beyond.
1. Al Pacino – 83 Years Old
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by AxelleImage Source: Getty Images | Photo by Axelle
At 83, iconic actor Al Pacino defied age norms by becoming a father once again, welcoming a son named Roman Pacino with his 29-year-old girlfriend, producer Noor Alfallah. The couple’s relationship gained attention in April 2022, and a few months later, they joyfully announced the arrival of their child, who arrived in the summer of 2023. Already a father to three grown children—Julie Marie, Anton, and Olivia—Pacino embraces fatherhood anew with enthusiasm. His eldest daughter, Julie Marie, was born in 1989, when he was still married to Jan Tarrant, while the twins, Anton James and Olivia Rose, were welcomed in 2001 with Beverly D’Angelo, as per US Weekly.
2. Robert De Niro – 79 Years Old
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Stephane CardinaleImage Source: Getty Images | Photo by Stephane Cardinale
At 79, legendary actor Robert De Niro surprised many by welcoming his seventh child, Gia Virginia Chen De Niro, in May 2023. During interviews, De Niro has also been quite frank about having so many kids, emphasizing the joy of expanding his family even at an advanced age. The iconic Oscar winner, whose oldest child is 51, acknowledged that parenthood doesn’t get easier but expressed contentment with embracing fatherhood once again. De Niro’s diverse family includes children from previous marriages and relationships, showcasing a 51-year age gap between his eldest and youngest offspring, as per Parents.
3. Mick Jagger – 73 Years Old
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Paul BergenImage Source: Getty Images | Photo by Paul Bergen
At the age of 73, Mick Jagger, the iconic frontman of The Rolling Stones, welcomed his eighth child with girlfriend Melanie Hamrick. The news was confirmed by his publicist, who also gave details about Jagger’s presence at the hospital and the well-being of the mother and baby. As per The Daily Mail, despite Jagger and Hamrick having no plans to marry, the rock legend flew from London to New York for the birth. Now at 79, Mick Jagger has a total of eight children, including sons James, Gabriel, and Lucas, and daughters Karis, Jade, Elizabeth, and Georgia May. In addition to his extensive family, Jagger is a grandfather to five and even became a great-grandfather in May 2014.
4. George Lucas – 69 Years Old
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Taylor HillImage Source: Getty Images | Photo by Taylor Hill
Star Wars creator George Lucas and Mellody Hobson embraced parenthood later in life with the birth of their daughter, Everest Hobson Lucas, on August 9, 2013. At the age of 69, Lucas, known for his directorial prowess, welcomed his first biological child through surrogacy. Everest joined Lucas’s family alongside his three adopted children, Amanda, Katie, and Jett. Hobson, Lucas’ wife, played a significant role in expanding their family in their later years. Today, at 79, George Lucas continues to navigate the joys of fatherhood with Everest, as per Reuters.
5. Billy Joel – 68 Years Old
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Naomi RahimImage Source: Getty Images | Photo by Naomi Rahim
At the age of 68, legendary singer Billy Joel embraced fatherhood once again with the arrival of his daughter, Remy Anne, born to his fourth wife, Alexis Roderick, on October 22, 2017, at New York University Hospital, as per USA Today. This marked Joel’s third venture into parenthood, as his second daughter, Della, was born in 2015. The iconic Piano Man singer shared his joy by performing My Life the day after Della’s birth, proudly displaying photos of his newborn. Notably, Joel’s firstborn, Alexa Ray, is now 36, with her mother being Joel’s second wife, Christie Brinkley.
6. Steve Martin – 67 Years Old
Image Source: Getty Images |  Photo by Jon KopaloffImage Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jon Kopaloff
Comedic legend Steve Martin welcomed fatherhood at 67 when his wife, Anne Stringfield, gave birth to their daughter Mary in December 2012. Known for his timeless roles, including Father of the Bride, Martin became a first-time dad after keeping the pregnancy a well-guarded secret. The couple’s age difference—Stringfield being 26 years younger—added to the surprise. Martin’s journey into parenthood was unconventional, considering he had portrayed a father on screen long before becoming one in real life. Mary, born in 2012, stands as the beloved actor’s only child, emphasizing that life’s most significant roles often come later in one’s narrative, as per Hollywood Life.
7. Clint Eastwood – 66 Years Old
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Eddie SandersonImage Source: Getty Images | Photo by Eddie Sanderson
At 66, Clint Eastwood welcomed his youngest daughter, Morgan Eastwood, on December 12, 1996, with his second wife Dina Eastwood, then 31. Despite his age, Eastwood asserted that he became a better father with enhanced parenting skills. Known for directing Sully, Eastwood also has six other children from previous marriages. Morgan, now 27, gained attention as a teen on E!’s Mrs. Eastwood & Company in 2012 and has since pursued a versatile career in the entertainment industry. She has acted in films like Million Dollar Baby and Changeling, produced a short film titled I See You, and contributed to the soundtrack of Johnny Mercer: The Dream’s on Me.
8. Alec Baldwin – 64 Years Old
 Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Roy RochlinImage Source: Getty Images | Photo by Roy Rochlin
At 64, Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria, celebrated the arrival of their eighth child, Ilaria Catalina Irena Baldwin, on September 22, 2022. The couple, expressing gratitude, shared the joyful news, emphasizing the magic and love surrounding their expanding family. Alec, known for his Saturday Night Live stint, has children from different marriages, including a daughter named Ireland with ex-wife Kim Basinger. Having tied the knot with Hilaria in 2012, the Baldwins embraced parenthood with zeal, with their latest addition, Ilaria, joining the Baldwinito clan, as per US Weekly.
9. Paul McCartney – 61 Years Old
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Samir HusseinImage Source: Getty Images | Photo by Samir Hussein
At 61, Paul McCartney defied expectations by embracing fatherhood once again with the birth of his daughter, Beatrice Milly McCartney. His enthusiasm for parenting at an older age was evident as he expressed genuine delight in the experience. The Beatles legend, previously a father to three grown children from his first marriage, found joy in the ‘thrill’ and ‘education’ of raising a young child. This new chapter unfolded with his second wife, Heather Mills, marking the beginning of a different yet fulfilling fatherhood. Beatrice’s arrival brought immense joy to the couple, who described her as ‘a little beauty,’ as per Entertainment Weekly.

Clint Eastwood

Shyam Benegal: ‘You Don’t Have To Give The Audience What They Want; You Have To Create Something New…”

Circa 50 years ago, Shyam Benegal was in the vanguard of the offbeat cinema movement with path-breaking 1970s films such as Ankur (Shabana Azmi, Anant Nag), Nishant (Girish Karnad, Shabana Azmi, Naseeruddin Shah), Manthan (Smita Patil, Girish Karnad) and Bhumika (Smita Patil, Amol Palekar). Benegal’s filmmaking, though, started even earlier. He reminds us, “My career didn’t start with feature films. I have made several documentaries before and since that were very satisfying too.” And of course he went on to helm the seminal TV show Bharat Ek Khoj.In his late 80s now, Benegal is still in the thick of things. Mention his latest film, Mujib: The Making Of A Nation, and he quips, “That has been completed and released.” He is immersed in the present, where the current mood of cinema, especially OTT, is in alignment with the temperament of this forward-thinking filmmaker.
Excerpts from the interview
It is amazing that filmmakers like Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorcese and you continue to make films even after crossing 80. Would you say the creative impulse is as strong even now as it was 50 years ago when you made Ankur?
I am 89 years old now, and Clint Eastwood is 93. The fact that Clint Eastwood continues to make films at his age inspires me too. The creative urge is still strong within me. I’m a filmmaker and I am still driven by the desire to make films. And that is why I still make cinema. I haven’t been well over the last few years … it comes with old age (said dryly). I have to undergo dialysis almost every second day. But, despite all that, I can’t retire.

Zubeidaa |

Your latest film Mujib: The Making Of A Nation has just been released. What gripped you about the subject?
He is the man who paved the way for the creation of Bangladesh. I found his story intriguing and I think it made for interesting cinema.
Ankur Ankur |

What challenges did you face while making the film, especially bilingual?
Every film I have made has presented its own set of challenges. This film was made in Bengali but the Bengali spoken in the eastern parts is different from the language spoken in West Bengal. In fact, within Bangladesh itself, the Bangla in Dhaka is different from the dialect in Chittagong. Thanks to the literature I had read and the music I have heard,  I was aware of the culture this side of the border, but I had to familiarise myself with the milieu of the east for the film.
You have made several biographies earlier like Bhumika, Sardar Begum, Zubeidaa and films on Gandhi, Bose and now Sheikh Mujibur Rehman. As a filmmaker, is it possible to be objective about your subject?
I make these films because I admire these people, but as a filmmaker I have to be objective. However, one’s objectivity is limited by one’s perception of these people. Every filmmaker has his own viewpoint, his perception. They are fascinating characters… How you present them cinematically depends on your sensibility and sensitivity.
It is now 50 years since you made your first feature film Ankur (1973). Has it been a satisfying journey creatively?
No and yes. Every person strives for perfection but that is not always possible so one has to keep striving, and find satisfaction in the creative process. I have enjoyed experimenting with varied themes … from serious films to Mandi which was a comedy on the subject of prostitution.
MujubMujub |

You have made 24 feature films in these five decades, what are your three best films?
That is not possible for me because when I look back I notice flaws in my films. It’s also a matter of opinion. Many people, including me, would say that Pather Panchali is Satyajit Ray’s best film but he himself thought that Charulata was his most refined work.
You followed Ankur with critical triumphs like Nishant, Manthan, Bhumika and Junoon. This string of 1970s films can be credited with starting the art film movement in Hindi cinema. Your thoughts.
I have been a part of the art film movement but there were so many other directors who were making these kinds of films — Ritwik Ghatak, Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Mrinal Sen, Satyajit Ray, M S Sathyu, Govind Nihalani and others.
You have been a part of Indian cinema for 50 years, would you say it has changed for the better?
Technologically, the equipment available nowadays for lighting, editing and shooting is tremendous and they are able to shoot much faster. In comparison, the techniques we had were very primitive. Thematically too, cinema is bound to change because it have to keep up with the times. You don’t have to give the audience what they what, you have to create something new that they did not know they wanted.

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Clint Eastwood

10 forgotten Clint Eastwood films that few remember

To speak of Clint Eastwood is to allude to one of the most important actors and directors in Hollywood who, incidentally, took time to be mayor of the town of Carmel-by-the-Sea.
With more than 70 credits in his career, just as an actor, we tend to be clear about which Clint Eastwood masterpieces to evoke when we talk about his career.
Movies like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, No forgiveness, Dirty Harry o Million Dollar Baby They are essential stops in his filmography, not to mention legendary ones like The iron sergeant o Gran Torino.
But today, in HobbyCine de Hobby Consolas, we will talk about 10 Clint Eastwood films that are usually forgotten by a large part of the public.
On the tightrope
On the Tightrope (1984)

Let’s start with one of the best eighties thrillers that Clint Eastwood starred in in the eighties: On the tightrope.
He actor Californian has starred in many thrillers throughout his career and, for some reason, this film with psychological overtones is not usually one of the first to come to fans’ minds.
Eastwood plays Wes Block, a New Orleans detective investigating a serial rapist and killer wreaking havoc on the city.
Soon, he discovers that he and the murderer have several sinister points in common, bringing to the surface fears that he thought buried forever.
The blacklist
The Blacklist (1988)
In 1988, Clint Eastwood played for the last time Harry Callahanthe always controversial Dirty Harry, in The blacklist.
For some, the weakest of the saga, for others, as good as the first. Be that as it may, the movie directed by Buddy Van Horn It is not the first that comes to mind when talking about the most scoundrel police officer that the actor has ever starred in.
Of course, some of us still look askance at remote-controlled cars when we see them on the street, lest it be…
A haul of $500,000
A $500,000 Loot (1974)
Eastwood’s career also took its time in heist films and buddy movies, and one of his seventies films was A haul of $500,000.
The movie of Michael Cimino paired Clint Eastwood with Jeff Bridges to plan and carry out a robbery of the supposedly impregnable Bank of Montana.
“Lightning”‘s (Eastwood) former partners form an uneasy alliance with them that could be more problematic than beneficial.
A $500,000 Loot is a great film that, despite all the technological advances, has aged quite well, being released in 1974.
The seducer
The Seducer (1971)
We cannot forget the heartthrob Clint Eastwood: to think that the actor only plays tough guys who would crack you like a nut for looking at them wrong would be unfair.
The seducer It takes us to the American Civil War, where the actor plays a northern soldier wounded in combat who is rescued by a young woman from a girls’ school.
After taking him to school, when the soldier recovers, he becomes a conqueror who drives everyone crazy, and by crazy we mean that the school becomes the headquarters of Celos International.
Alcatraz escape
Escape from Alcatraz (1979)
Don Siegel and Clint Eastwood have collaborated on numerous occasions throughout their respective careers. In 1979, director and actor signed Alcatraz escape.
See if we tend to forget this film, consolega, that even a certain editor of this website – yours truly – forgot about it when writing a news story about The Rock and stating that Sean Connery He was the first to escape from prison.
The best prison series: Vis a vis, Wentworth, Prison Break...
Clint Eastwood plays a tremendously insightful and intelligent inmate who has had enough of the prison system after several successful escapes.
In the end they intern him in the maximum security prison of Alcatraz, in San Francisco Bay, daring him to escape from where no one has managed to escape. A challenge that he gladly accepted.
Two mules and a woman
Two Mules and a Woman (1970)
In fact, Don Siegel was also in the director’s chair of Two mules and a womanone of Clint Eastwood’s westerns that we most often overlook.
Nor is it a bad film if there is a logical reason for it to be an unnoticed Western, but other films by the actor, such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The Legend of the Nameless City, Death Had a Price or A Fistful of Dollarsthey tend to overshadow it.
License to kill
License to Kill (1975)
In addition to sharing a title with one of the James Bond films, although the 007 film came almost three decades later, License to kill was one of Clint Eastwood’s first films as an actor and director.
Released in 1975, this thriller uses the trope of the protagonist who reaches a dark past that he thought he had left behind.
Eastwood plays a former hitman who worked for an international organization.
Although he is retired, he is blackmailed and ordered to kill one of the three people trying to summit the Eiger in the Swiss Alps.
A perfect world
A Perfect World (1993)
A perfect world is a film that had the bad luck to see the light of day a year after Unforgiven and, in many ways, is overshadowed even by In the line of firealso released in 1993.
This road movie with a sixties setting puts Clint Eastwood in the shoes of a Texas ranger in charge of hunting down fugitives who have kidnapped a child during their escape.
suicide route
Suicide Route (1977)
Among Clint Eastwood’s police thrillers in the seventies, we also find the frequently forgotten Suicide Route.
The actor plays an alcoholic police officer who has the mission of escorting a prostitute from Las Vegas to Phoenix, although the obstacles they will encounter to prevent the witness from giving a statement will be constant.
Space Cowboys
Space Cowboys (2000)
More than forgotten, Space Cowboys It is usually vilified without much reason, since it is a very entertaining product without being, by any means, the best thing that Clint Eastwood has done.
The actor and director surrounds himself with some of the biggest names in Hollywood who have been sporting gray hair for decades for one last rodeo, yes, in orbit.
When a Russian satellite leaves its orbit, the creator of its systems is tasked with repairing it, but he will only go into orbit in the company of the companions he was able to fly with in the past.
None of the Clint Eastwood films that we have mentioned today are bad, far from it, but they are works that tend to be buried in that ocean of masterpieces that the actor and director has left behind throughout his many decades in the industry.

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Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood wanted to do a stunt aged 90, and no one could stop him

We’d never want to disagree with Clint Eastwood. If he said jump, we’d ask how high, and if he demanded we let him ride a horse in his 10th decade on Earth, then we’d be powerless to resist the great man’s equine ambitions.
That’s exactly what happened during the production of Clint Eastwood‘s most recent movie as director, Cry Macho. The remarkable commitment and efficiency that keeps new movies coming from Eastwood also meant that he wanted to ride a horse himself in the film, despite the fact he’d recently celebrated his 90th birthday and hadn’t ridden since making Unforgiven – still one of the best Westerns ever made – in the early 1990s.
“The wrangler was worried,” Eastwood explained to the LA Times. “She was saying: ‘Be careful, be careful now’. She was scared I’d end up on my rear end. But if you treat the horse like a buddy, he’ll take care of you.”
The horse wasn’t even the only stunt Eastwood volunteered to do himself. He was swinging his fists about too, throwing a punch in one particular confrontation. “It might not be as good as I’ve thrown in the past but it was fun to do it,” said Eastwood.
You can see Eastwood getting back in the saddle in this behind-the-scenes video from the set of the movie.
YouTube Thumbnail

Cry Macho filmed in late-2020, just after Hollywood had begun production in the wake of the pandemic shutdown. Eastwood had been trying to adapt N. Richard Nash’s 1975 novel for decades and finally decided to take on the lead role as a former rodeo rider tasked with bringing a young boy back to his father.
The stars aligned for Eastwood this time, decades after he was first approached with the story in the 1980s. At the time, he offered to direct, but declared they should get an older actor for the lead role. Later versions of the project could have starred Arnold Schwarzenegger – a very different take, but one we’d love to see – before it eventually came full circle back to Eastwood.
In that LA Times interview, Eastwood explained that he still loves being one of Hollywood’s best directors, but is considering hanging up his acting boots. “I’ve gotten to the point where I wondered if that was enough, but not to the point where I decided it was. If you roll out a few turkeys, they’ll tell you soon enough,” he said.
Clint Eastwood was 90 when he starred in Cry Macho
We think Eastwood still has a lot to offer on both sides of the camera, even at this stage of his illustrious career. He’s not up to the high watermark of the best movies in his career these days, but he’s delivering some very solid work in films like Cry Macho and The Mule. If he doesn’t want to slow down, he shouldn’t.
Eastwood has suggested that his upcoming movie Juror No. 2 might be his last but, if we know Clint, he won’t be able to resist working for as long as his health allows.
For more of the great man’s cinematic legacy, find out our picks for the best Clint Eastwood movies and learn why Clint Eastwood rejected a “grim” Dirty Harry role. Finally, delve back into the archives to find out why Clint Eastwood almost quit acting after one of his worst movies.

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