John Wayne Proposes to Maureen O’Hara in Swoon-Worthy Behind-the-Scenes Photo – My Blog

John Wayne Proposes to Maureen O’Hara in Swoon-Worthy Behind-the-Scenes Photo – My Blog

The Quiet Man was a passion project for John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, and John Ford. However, they had to jump through some hoops and shoot Rio Grande as a part of the deal to get financing for their Irish romance. Take a look at this gorgeous behind-the-scenes moment between Wayne and O’Hara that has fans remembering this classic motion picture.

‘The Quiet Man’ actors John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara played lovers
The story follows Sean Thornton (Wayne) after he retires from his work boxing in America. He decides to return back to the small Irish village in the 1920s, which he once called home. Sean intends to reclaim his family’s home and enjoy the rest of his days. He meets a fiery woman named Mary Kate Danaher (O’Hara) and quickly falls in love with her. However, he will have to deal with her difficult brother (Victor McLaglen).
A behind-the-scenes look at John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara

The official John Wayne Facebook account shared a behind-the-scenes look at The Quiet Man. It shows a beautiful, green landscape with picturesque mountains in the background. Wayne is down on one knee in front of O’Hara, in the midst of proposing. Their costumes from the film are instantly recognizable as Sean and Mary Kate.
The Facebook post status wrote, “John Wayne proposing to Maureen O’Hara in Cong, County Mayo, a village in the Republic of Ireland, during a scene from The Quiet Man (1952).​​​​​​​​”
While the characters marry in the film, the fans in the comments confirm that this scene was never in the final cut. Rather, Sean simply tells Mary Kate that they’re getting married, and there was no official proposal scene.
However, this image suggests that such a scene once existed, or it was just for fun. Either way, it’s a breathtaking shot that captured a perfect moment.
‘The Quiet Man’ is a highly-respected romantic classic
The Quiet Man was one of the best films Wayne ever made in his film career. It won two Oscars for Best Director and Cinematography. Additionally, it was nominated for another five – Best Picture, Supporting Actor for McLaglen, Screenplay, Art Direction, and Sound.
Wayne didn’t earn a nomination for his lead performance, but it provided another look at his talents away from the Western and war genres that moviegoers associated with him. The same could be said about Ford, who also took a leap from his typical work, but it paid off.
Wayne demonstrated true chemistry with O’Hara and made audiences around the world swoon, as a result. He collaborated with her once again on Andrew V. McLaglen’s McLintock!, which added a comedic edge to the Western flick that global audiences continue to enjoy.
The film also earned a spot in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress for its cultural significance.


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