John Wayne went downstairs and rapped his fist on Sinatra’s door once it swung open… – Entertainment

John Wayne went downstairs and rapped his fist on Sinatra’s door once it swung open… – Entertainment

JOHN WAYNE was not one to take insult or inconvenience lightly, and when Frank Sinatra started throwing his weight around in Las Vegas, the Duke jumped into action. Although the pair were at each other’s throats for most of their lives, their relationship changed as they got older.

The anniversary of John Wayne’s death is just a few days away on June 11, 2022. The iconic American actor wowed audiences around the world for decades. And when the cameras weren’t rolling he made a number of famous friends throughout Hollywood.

There were some exceptions, though. Namely: Frank Sinatra, a person Wayne truly did not like. To begin with, they had very different political views – the Duke was a republican, while Ol’ Blue Eyes was a democrat – and they had a few heated words with one another over the years.But one event in Las Vegas finally heated up their relationship enough to start a fight.

It all started when the pair were staying at the same Las Vegas hotel in the 1960s.

Wayne didn’t stay in his hotel room much at the time, because he was filming a movie nearby. But his room was directly above Sinatra’s, who had gone to Las Vegas to blow off some steam, have a party, and generally get very rowdy.

On one occasion, Wayne returned to his hotel room with the hopes of getting some sleep. But the constant noise and partying beneath his feet kept him awake.

Sinatra was hosting one of his famous parties in his hotel suite, complete with constant talking, dancing, singing, drinking, and smoking.
Before long, Wayne had had enough. He called Sinatra’s room to ask them to quieten down, which they did – for a short amount of time.When the noise returned in full force, Wayne called again, and again, but nobody would answer.

Finally, Wayne lost his temper.
Carol Lea Mueller’s book, The Quotable John Wayne: The Grit and Wisdom of an American Icon, recalled the next heated events.
Wayne went downstairs and rapped his fist on Sinatra’s door. Once it swung open he demanded that the singer keep the noise down – or else.Sinatra stayed cool, but his guard did not like this.
He stood up and approached Wayne while saying: “Nobody talks to Mr Sinatra that way.”Wayne’s following actions proved he had the guts to stand up for himself.


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