Kickboxer Van Damme Full Fight Dance

Kickboxer Van Damme Full Fight Dance


Kurt Sloane is the younger brother and cornerman of Eric Sloane, the United States kickboxing world champion. After another successful title defense, Eric is enticed by the media to compete in Thailand, where kickboxing was started, to further establish his legacy.

As a result, Eric and Kurt travel to Bangkok to fight Tong “The Tiger” Po, Thailand’s undefeated top fighter.

Eric is supremely confident, but Kurt becomes apprehensive after witnessing Tong Po kicking a concrete pillar in preparation for the fight. He begs Eric not to fight, but Eric dismisses any concerns.

Tong Po dominates Eric in the first round with his superior strength and knowledge of Thailand’s unorthodox kickboxing rules. In between rounds, Kurt once again begs Eric to stop, but Eric refuses to give up, and gets beaten badly in the second round.

Kurt throws in the towel, but Tong Po kicks the towel out of the ring, and continues his assault. He viciously strikes Eric in the back with his elbow, immobilizing him, and then rips apart Eric’s world championship belt.

Kurt retrieves the belt, and leaves with his brother on a stretcher, but the fight officials leave them on the street. Winston Taylor, a retired United States Army Special Forces member, agrees to help the pair by driving them to the hospital.

As a result of Tong Po’s brutal attack, Eric is paralyzed from the waist down and will never be able to walk again…


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