Marvel Studios’ X-MEN – Teaser Trailer | MCU Reboot Movie | Disney+ (HD)

Marvel Studios’ X-MEN – Teaser Trailer | MCU Reboot Movie | Disney+ (HD)


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Halle Berry says she’s open to returning as Storm in a future MCU X-Men project. The Oscar-winning actor played the fan-favorite mutant, whose ability to control the weather makes her one of the world’s most powerful heroes, in four films across Fox’s franchise.

Her last appearance as the character came in 2014’s generations-crossover X-Men: Days of Future Past, which remains one of the series’ most acclaimed entries.

Helping to kick off the genre’s 21st-century dominance, the X-Men films represented one of the premiere superhero franchises for nearly two decades, though reception of individual projects tended to vary.

The series ended abruptly, however, with 2019’s Dark Phoenix, and though the film itself was a critical and commercial failure, the change had more to do with Disney’s much-publicized acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

With Marvel Studios now having the rights to one of their most popular superhero teams, then-Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that any future X-Men movie or series would be under the umbrella of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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