MARVEL ZOMBIES Trailer #1 HD | Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland

MARVEL ZOMBIES Trailer #1 HD | Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland


Non profit, fan made trailer. No copyright infringement intended.

The past comes back to bite!

Inspired by the false resurrection of Tony in Spider-Man: Far From Home, this trailer sees Stark Industries revisit Tony’s work with Extremis (created in Iron Man 3). Pepper desperately tries to find a way to re-write biology and bring back the fallen Avenger, no matter the cost…

Marvel Zombies will debut in Disney+’s WHAT IF…? series, which will explore different areas of the Marvel Universe. Releasing 2021.

This is inspired by Marvel’s What If…? Disney+ series. The fifth episode, titled What If… Zombies!?, sees the Avengers dealing with a zombie plague and trying to find a cure.

While this series is entirely animated, a Marvel Zombies story would be hugely popular in live action.

This trailer sees a large zombie outbreak that forces the Avengers to contain a city, sacrificing themselves while attempting to protect the rest of the world from infection.

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