Naruto: The Live Action Movie (2023) – Official trailer

Naruto: The Live Action Movie (2023) – Official trailer


Yes, Finally We Are Getting Naruto Live Action Adaptation and here is all the details we have on this project, Release date, Cast And Everything.

It was aired a while ago that a live-action adaptation of the Naruto anime and manga series was announced by Lionsgate.

As Lionsgate is predicted to have their own “Naruto” adaptation, Director Nik Shaw declares his goal is to exhibit major film executives that represent an important step in creating successful anime adaptations. Further, Shaw says:
“This project is not just a film on Youtube, but it is a movement. Lionsgate is currently adapting ‘Naruto’ into live-action”.

As one of the exclusive anime exports in the West, Naruto is one of the finest prime materials for Hollywood adaptation, but it isn’t the first Japanese property to attract international admirers.

Gracey confirmed he was still busy with a cinematic visit to Konoha Village, despite the big success of The Greatest Showman. However, the director did concern that he wouldn’t proceed with the project without Kishimoto’s involvement. He also revealed that a script still hadn’t been finalized. The future of the film depends on finding a script everybody was satisfied with.

But because of the corona pandemic everything was delayed but now when the corona finally gone, the work of the movie is started again. And every thing will be on track before you know it.

So, what is the release date of this movie is not coming soon because it’s in pre-production bot it’s confirmed that the Naruto live action movie is coming and we will see it around 2024 or 2025 for sure.


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