Nataliya Kuznetsova – Muscular Woman That Makes You Wanna Avoid Her

Nataliya Kuznetsova – Muscular Woman That Makes You Wanna Avoid Her


We often think about beauty and femininity whenever it comes to women.
However, there are actually many women in the world who have big biceps that can make the men standing next to them look less manly. And of course, their beauty is very one-of-a-kind.

Today, I wanna introduce to you guys a queen who represents for the muscular beauty of women, that is, Nataliya Kuznetsova, a famous bodybuilder.

This well-known bodybuilder was born in 1991. Currently, her look is even more muscular than men’s. But because of this special feature of her that she has attracted thousand fans across the world
WOW! She’s incredibly strong. She is known as a great model of female bodybuilding.

When doing a research about her on the internet, I could see many of her impressive 3D fan-made photos, displaying how her biceps are even bigger than her husband’s. And this is a comparison that her fans made when her husband – Yusif Eyvazov, 42 years old, was standing next to her. But this is too much, isn’t it ?

Nataliya Kuznetsova is known as a famous bodybuilder in Russia, who was the championship in 2014. In the same year, she also won many bodybuilding contests in different categories as well. Obviously, they were the result of her endless effort – which had been paid off since she first trained herself at the age of 14.

Looking at this lady whose 3 body measurements are: 124-86-103 and weighs around 92kg, along with her arm and thigh’s diameters are 48 and 71cm respectively, nobody would believe that she used to be very tiny back then when weighing around 40kg only But because of that disadvantage that she had been significantly motivated to go to the gym with her dad And the most amazing thing that she achieved after 1 year of working out is becoming the championship of the Zabaykalsky Krai area at the age of 15 Currently, she’s living a very happy life with her husband, who she has known for 10 years.

Although her husband’s muscles are not as big as hers, but that doesn’t mean she will lose any centimeters of love for him. She thinks that being supportive and caring is the only way that could make a family become strongly connected.

Besides those people who have supported her for so long, there’re also some say that she looks like a monster and lacks of femininity. However, she doesn’t really care about what others say and would rather focus on pursuing her passion and live a cheerful life with her familyNataliya Kuznetsova is just so amazing right guys?

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