Sylvester Stallone reveals terrifying prop of his head on set of Samaritan: ‘I never looked so good’

Sylvester Stallone reveals terrifying prop of his head on set of Samaritan: ‘I never looked so good’

He is a living legend with a career spanning over five decades and 85 film projects. But surely Sylvester Stallone has never come across something as terrifying as himself on set.

The 74-year-old actor took to his Instagram on Wednesday morning to share a bizarre video of a prop of his head being held on a pole by a production assistant. Sly snuck behind the PA who had the prop which looked exactly like the A-list actor with a grey beard and long locks. He said: ‘Uh excuse me. I think you have my head on a stick. Oh my god.

The PA let out a big laugh as the star made the big joke before walking into a trailer with the ghastly prop as the actor turned the camera on himself. Sly captioned the video to his 12million followers: ‘Always try to keep your head on straight… #SAMARITAN THE MOVIE #MGM’

The action man has been very active on social media on set of his latest flick as he posted a video to his Instagram Stories on Friday while on set of Samaritan. The Rambo star appeared atop a pile of rubble and broken wood, covered in dust and dirt with a (fake) bloody brow. ‘So, here we are again,’ Sly began.

He then patted the top of his head, which created a cloud of even more dust. ‘I’m not really this grey, and it’s not dandruff,’ he continued. ‘We’re in this scene, I just got pretty totaled. ‘And as you can tell’ — here, he panned around showing the debris, chuckling — ‘…you would think I would have learned by now not to do my own stunts.’

Then, an almost wistful look comes over the septuagenarian action star’s grisly features. ‘But old habits die hard,’ he reasoned. ‘I have never looked so good. Oh my god!’ Then, Stallone proceeded to pick up a nearby sledgehammer. ‘Right? Right,’ he concluded, then giving a curt little thump of the sledgehammer in a manner not entirely unlike Thor.


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