TAKEN 4 [HD] “Set’s of Skills” Trailer #7 – Liam Neeson, Michael Keaton, Maggie Grace (Fan Made)

TAKEN 4 [HD] “Set’s of Skills” Trailer #7 – Liam Neeson, Michael Keaton, Maggie Grace (Fan Made)


It feels like yesterday when the first Taken 4 dream trailer went trending in the channel. Now I can’t believe we are talking about the 7th installation!

This was specially challenging because of the lack of new movies from Liam, fortunately he has a ton of movie clips which made the trailer better because we can include the actual sounds. One scene in particular is not original, was when Liam is at the window of the train (the audio from Taken 2, car crash flip).

I got creative showing the President tied up (clip from Freaky) to further the plot of him being missing. Like always we get awesome breaking news, in tablet, TV and billboard all I customized and used green screen effect.

“Breaking news everyone, the President is missing. We believe he has been taken by Bryan Mills” the voice over I made, with a little change compare to the previews trailers. Which the line from RUN ALL NIGHT “turn yourself in” fits perfectly.

The car chase scene from Taken 2 is reimagined, thanks to the magic of editing, we get a new scene thanks to the 24 HOURS TO LIVE movie.

The music choice was perfect, it might be my favorite. Because it is hard hitting and simply epic, which brings the right tone for this dream trailer. “Who sent you?” “Your old man did” line from LOCK-OUT brings a scene of KIM meeting a man supposedly sent by his dad Bryan Mills.



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