The life of the charming Ester Exposito behind the scenes

The life of the charming Ester Exposito behind the scenes

“Elite” – this is the name of the famous and popular Spanish series of Netflix, which has many viewers all over the world. The series, which tells the story of high school students, has brought fame, recognition and success to a number of up-and-coming actresses, but it has been particularly successful for rising Spanish star Esther Exposito.




It should be noted that Ester does not play the main role in the series, but thanks to her charming appearance, charm, charisma and talent, she became the main discovery of “Elite”. The 21-year-old girl is already called the sex symbol of the modern era.




Ester was born in Madrid and was interested in acting since childhood. She was 16 years old when she started studying acting skills. Before “Elite”, Esther had several roles in films, although these roles did not bring her international recognition.




After the series attracted millions of viewers around the world, Neflix signed an official contract with Ester, followed by starring roles in When the angels sleep and Your son.



Ester says that she was never interested in going to secondary school, because in her opinion, the school does not offer anything to students interested in culture and art, and does not teach anything in this direction. That is why he does not remember her school years with joy.



The actress loves all activities related to the sea, including surfing and diving. She says that she is an introvert and very shy. According to the actress, it is difficult to find a common language with everyone.


“This series changed my life completely, now people all over the world know about me. Carla’s character, I, taught Ester a lot,” says the actress.

Fans are interested in all the details about the charming Ester, but most of all her love affairs. The actress does not talk about this topic publicly and in interviews she mainly answers questions about her career.



However, according to the Spanish media, there is a “mysterious boyfriend” in Ester’s life. Tabloids have found out that this mysterious male actor is Alejandro Speitzer.

Alejandro starred alongside Ester in the 2020 Spanish-Mexican thriller Someone Has to Die. It should be noted that none of them has officially confirmed the information about their romantic relationship.

Ester is also popular in social networks, especially on “Instagram”, where the number of her followers exceeds 26 million.


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