The Real Reason Will Smith Never Left Jada Pinkett Smith

The Real Reason Will Smith Never Left Jada Pinkett Smith


The Real Reason Will Smith Never Left Jada Pinkett Smith

What’s the real reason behind why Will Smith will never leave Jada Smith?

Why are fans now exposing Will Smith’s shocking past with other women and why is Jada to blame for Will Smith’s outburst at the 2022 Oscars?

Stay tuned, because we’ve got all the intel…

For those of you who don’t know, Will and Jada tied the knot in December 1997 and welcomed son Jaden Smith in July 1998 and daughter Willow Smith in October 2000.

For a while, they seemed like a happy family; but that was until fans pointed out that prior to his marriage to Jada, Will was actually married to Sheree Zampino in May 1992 and has a son with her called Trey.

What makes this complicated is that Smith and Zampino divorced in 1995, but Will was in an entanglement with Jada before he even separated from Zampino!




Will Smith is an extremely popular American actor, who began his career as a rap artist, teaming up with turntabler DJ Jazzy Jeff and beat boxer Ready Rock C. He was known to be a bright student hailing from the Philadelphia’s ‘Overbrook High School’, who decided against attending college, so that he could pursue a career in music. He was successful as a singer, and is also a ‘Grammy Award’ recipient.

At the age of 25, this young man ventured in movies, and debuted with the famous movie ‘Six Degree of Separation’. From then on, there was no looking back for this talented young star. With blockbuster movies like ‘Independence Day’, ‘I, Robot’, ‘I Am Legend,’ ‘Enemy of the State’, ‘The Pursuit of Happyness,’ ‘Ali’, and ‘King Richard,’ Will Smith has won several awards and accolades, including an ‘Academy Award,’ a ‘Critics’ Choice Movie Award,’ a ‘British Academy Film Award,’ a ‘Screen Actors Guild Award,’ four ‘Grammy Awards’ and a ‘Golden Globe Award.’

His power packed performances show versatility and promise that this star is here to stay. In the opinion of many directors, the actor was like a breath of fresh air and essayed emotional roles with as much ease as he would portray an action hero. Amongst his several brilliant films, ‘Men in Black’ a sci-fi comedy, was one movie that became a roaring hit with moviegoers all over the world.

The popularity of the first movie inspired the sequels in the ‘Men in Black’ series, which were lauded by fans and critics alike.


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