What Chris Rock Thinks of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Reconciliation Plea

What Chris Rock Thinks of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Reconciliation Plea


A source tells ET what Chris Rock thinks of Jada Pinkett Smith’s recent comments surrounding her husband, Will, slapping him at the Oscars.

‘He’s not concerned with the Smiths at the moment,’ the source says.

Jada recently took to ‘Red Table Talk’ with a plea for reconciliation between Will and Chris.

Here are some comments form readers:

I’m with Chris. I think we’re all about done with Jada’s Hollywood drama. She’s a narcissist, just a damaging and toxic person. I believe the way Will acted out Oscar night was a cry for help, whether he realizes it or not. He’s a battered man in an abusive marriage of many years.

her rolling eye and laughter on the night of “the slap” tells me everything i need to know about her. body language experts have told me everytthing else. im not buying a fake cry for reconciliation now.
she wasnt interested in “family values” when she got “entangled” with other men in her husbands bed, and she sure as s**t isnt interested in her husbands honour now !

“These 2 intelligent, capable men have an opportunity to …” The ‘trouble’ was not personal attack between the two of them. The person ‘offended’ should show regret at what bad reaction took place in their defense? Just a thought.

I would like to offer my thoughts to jada that she take herself out of the situation and let the people truly at the heart of the action her hubbie took that special broadcast night, and MYOB. Silence is golden and focus on your own personal backyard. You may have a red table but it is just wood. Find a beautiful cause or workshops and evolve on yourself.


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