Will Smith Finally Explains The Real Reason He Had To Slap Chris Rock

Will Smith Finally Explains The Real Reason He Had To Slap Chris Rock


Number 5: Hollywood Reporters
During an interview with BBC radio, Kim Masters mentioned that reputable people in the academy had decided to resign if disciplinary actions were not taken against Will Smith.

People have been kicked out of the Academy before and an example is Harvey Weinstein although these people were not relieved of their Oscars.

Number 4: Responses
By now you would know that celebrities reacted to Will Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock differently and some of them were in support of what Will did while others did not like what he did at all.

Number 3: Examination
Jada Pinkett Smith has not been secretive about her alopecia and she has talked about it numerous times on social media. When the joke was cracked Will Smith was laughing but his wife on the other hand had a look of disgust on her face.

Number 2: Variety
According to Variety, Will Smith’s publicist decided to talk with Will Smith during a commercial break and some other celebrities also decided to address Will Smith and talk about everything that just happened. One of these celebrities was Denzel Washington.

Number 1: Will Smith’s Reason
So why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock? Or at least, what was the reason he gave? He said that the joke made about Jada’s condition was a lot for him to bear and he had to react emotionally.

He also said that his wife had been struggling with that condition for a while and this did not make him happy so someone making a joke about it triggered him.


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