12 Painful Scenes to Film in Thor (Video)

12 Painful Scenes to Film in Thor (Video)


Chris Hemsworth has been bringing Thor to life for eleven years now – with eleven years, comes a fair amount of pain and injury. With Taika Waititi direction both Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder, there was so much freshness brought to the world and the character, including the incredible Natalie Portman stepping in as Mighty Thor.

Natalie Portman had to train for months before the shoot and continue her training during production. Luckily, she had Chris Hemsworth there to show her the ropes and her good friend Tessa Thompson as her training buddy. We’re talking about a lot of asparagus and a lot of protein shakes.

Natalie did as many stunts as she was able to on the set of Love and Thunder and one of the things that complicated it for her was actually the weight and design of her costume. Natalie wasn’t the only one with costume complaints – Tessa Thompson really struggled with her cape as well.

With the countless times she tripped over it, or with the wind machine blowing it in her face, she had to have multiple sets of costumes as well. Not only were there wardrobe malfunctions, but there was definitely a fair number of serious injuries on the set of Thor.

One in particular had Jaimie Alexander out of shooting for months! Luckily, she was able to make a full recovery, but the fall she took was pretty nasty! We’ll be getting into all of that and more – so make sure to stick around until the very end of the video.


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