THOR 4 “Teen Groot” Trailer (2022) New Movie Trailers 4K

THOR 4 “Teen Groot” Trailer (2022) New Movie Trailers 4K


The new Thor: Love & Thunder trailer is right around the corner. And we have an all new Thor 4 theory to compliment the hype. This new Thor 4 theory may finally reveal a massive question the Thor 4 teaser left unanswered.

Where is Groot? Why haven’t they shown Groot in the trailer so far? Isn’t he a part of Guardians of the Galaxy? Why were the rest of the Guardians shown in the teaser for Thor 4 but Groot was wantonly left out of most scenes? Turns out there could be a reason behind that as well. This Thor 4 theory claims Groot will join Thor and Korg in their quest to help Thor defeat Gorr.

After dying a hero’s death in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Groot comes back from the dead as Baby Groot in the second movie. By the time Infinity War happens, Baby Groot has grown up to become a pre-teenager. And a force to be reckoned with. Groot helps defeat thanos’ Outrider army during the Battle of Wakanda.

And then the Thanos Snap wipes him out of existence. Groot did return in Endgame and helped the Avengers defeat Thanos during the Battle of Earth. He has not been seen since. But a significant amount of time has passed on since the events of Endgame. Considering Groot grows at a similar pace, we could be seeing a more of Groot in Thor: Love & Thunder.

Nevertheless for some reason, the Thor 4 teaser has decided to give Groot and the Guardians very little screen time and we believe we know the reason why. To be honest, it is a tad bit suspicious. In one such scene in the trailer, Thor is seen waving at the Milano as it flies away.

We see Korg and Thor but a blank space on the left side in the scene has left fans confused. Why would the Marvel overlords in their infinite wisdom leave such a gaping hole in the trailer? There is only one answer to that question.


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