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Amazing stories about The Quiet Man from Maureen O’Hara – Old western – My Blog

Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne may have produced several other movies together as the leading stars but it is The Quiet Man that will always stand out as the iconic duo’s crowning glory. In fact, it was the film’s director John Ford who first introduced the pair at one of his parties, in 1941.Of course, you can’t make a movie like The Quiet Man with such strong characters as Ford, O’Hara, and Wayne involved without creating tons of interesting stories from the set and from the production. In the documentary below, we hear from Maureen O’Hara herself, as well as The Duke’s son Patrick Wayne and Ford’s son (also named Patrick) about the ins and outs of filming The Quiet Man, how things were on set, and what it was like working with each other, especially with the temperamental Ford.

The documentary was created by June Parker Beck, a close personal friend of O’Hara’s and editor of the Maureen O’Hara Magazine who has worked for the past 25 years in collecting audio and recordings of the Dublin-born actress.Among the stories is that of how The Quiet Man struggled to find a studio to make it. As O’Hara tells it, Ford appeared on the set of a film she was filming in 1944, and with a handshake, she had her role as Mary-Kate.As the years went on, however, O’Hara and Wayne joked that they’d be too old to play the roles if it didn’t happen soon but Ford continued to struggle to make up funding. According to the studios, the movie was a silly little Irish story, claims O’Hara, and they felt it wouldn’t make a penny.It was only when Wayne convinced Ford to let him take the film concept to Republic Studios that they stood any chance and the opportunity would only be given to them if they struck a deal. The studio would not back The Quiet Man until the same cast of O’Hara and Wayne and director Ford would agree to make a black and white western beforehand to make up for the money the studio was sure they were about to lose on Ford’s passion project.How “The Quiet Man” came to beAnd so “Rio Grande” was made by Ford, O’Hara, and Wayne, all just so they could work together on the Irish movie that would earn them all, the studio included, a pretty penny with its success.The set itself was a family affair, O’Hara, Patrick Ford, and Patrick Wayne claim, both the latter spending much time on the set with their fathers. This is the way Ford liked to run his films, the documentary explains, as the director knew that it took a lot to put up with the way he treated actors, at times, and that only family would understand this.

Ford liked people around who he was accustomed to, states O’Hara, which also meant that you were accustomed to him. Referring to it as who was “in the barrel” with Ford, on any given day you could fall victim to his abuse, something which the former “Queen of Technicolor” states you put up with because of the brilliance of his direction and because of the comradery it built on set in helping the person who was suffering from his wrath that day.Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne were great friends as well as co-starsOn the other hand, John Wayne was more than a pleasure for O’Hara to work with yet again, with Patrick Ford believing The Quiet Man to be the movie where The Duke truly showed off his acting chops.“They [Wayne and O’Hara] had the perfect professional relationship,” Ford states. “They understood each other as actors and they had tremendous respect for one another but never in any personal romantic way.”
“He loved me as a human being,” O’Hara says of her friend Wayne, recalling how he used to say, “She [O’Hara] makes me act because she makes me react.”

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John Wayne’s ”expensive” sayings made the fans ”nod”’. – My Blog

John Wayne (May 26, 1907 – June 11, 1979) was an American movie Actor, director, and producer, known in movies like Stagecoach, Angel and the Bad Man, Red River, and The Shootist.They say that life is a good teacher and through them who lived this life we can learn a lot, especially from great people like John Wayne a.k.a Duke.Today I am going to share with you Wayne’s 5 rules you should be remembering in your daily life:

1. Money cannot buy happiness but its more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle.
This is a long debate everywhere, rich people say that “those who say money can buy happiness are the ones who don’t have” and broke people reply that “you don’t know how miserable we are just because we don’t have coins in our pocket”.John Wayne made it clearer that though money cannot buy happiness but when unhappy moments arrive money can make someone comfortable.

2. Forgive your enemy but remember the bastard’s name.
Forgiving your enemy is in your favor, most of the time carrying such burden in your heart is more painful while the bastard doesn’t even know.Just to be careful, put their names somewhere in your mind. Once a soldier always a commando and once enemy, I don’t know.

3. Help someone when they are in trouble and they will remember you when they’re in trouble again.
Do what is right, help people but never expect something in return.According to John Wayne, the only thing you can expect from people is that if you have helped them in the hard times, they will remember you when they’re in trouble again.

4. Many people are alive only because it’s illegal to shoot them.
Everyone has enemies and some people do harm to us to the level we even wish to kill them. Not only our enemies would be killed if to kill was not illegal but also some innocents and powerless people.About this rule, something you have to learn is that we’re surrounded by people that don’t kill us only because it’s illegal.
5. Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk.
Haha this rule is somehow funny but it is true on the other hand. You will find people telling you stop drinking alot it will solve nothing but at least you’ll have that sedative moment.Alcohol does not solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk.

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Interesting things happen at the “Duketober” celebration at the John Wayne museum . – My Blog

The enduring legacy of actor John Wayne, America’s ultimate cowboy, was celebrated last month, fittingly enough, by the Cowboy Channel in association with the John Wayne: An American Experience museum in Fort Worth, Texas.

The “Duketober” celebration is a month-long airing of classic John Wayne movies via broadcast and streaming. It will culminate with a 50th anniversary live panel discussion on Nov. 3 in remembrance of Big Jake, the 1971 movie that bought Wayne together with sons Ethan and Patrick, who will participate in a discussion about his films and career.Wayne’s legacy has taken a few hits in the last couple of years.

A 50-year-old Playboy magazine interview outlining some of his controversial views on race surfaced, sparking his USC alma mater to remove an exhibit on him. There’s also a movement to remove his name from the Orange County airport. So far, that action has failed to gain ground . But Wayne’s cinematic legacy, particularly his western movies, continue to rank among the finest ever produced by Hollywood. Such films as The Searchers, True Grit, Stagecoach and Rio Bravo are considered classics of the genre.

“The John Wayne: An American Experience (JWAAE) museum in the Fort Worth Stockyards has created a perfect synergy for the Cowboy Channel to highlight this incredible western film legend and showcase many of his classic films for our audience,” said Cowboy Channel CEO Raquel Koehler Gottsch.

“Our fans absolutely adore John Wayne, and we couldn’t be happier to have a great relationship with his family and be able to share his movies with our audience and dedicate an entire month to such a western star legend.”“He would be thrilled to learn that so many people still cherish his films after all these years and I know he’s smiling somewhere,” said son Ethan Wayne.

The Cowboy Channel will also feature a Halloween movie marathon of Wayne films, and fans can tune-in to such classics such as Rio Grande, Sand of Iwo Jima, and The Shootist.

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James Caan shares a memorable collaboration with John Wayne on the set of El Dorado. – My Blog

In 1997, James Caan joined The Late Show with David Letterman to starred on John Wayne after they alongside one another on the hit movie El Dorado.While Wayne portrayed the noble elder gunfighter Cole Thorton, Caan plays his loyal friend, Mississippi. Furthermore, the movie was directed by esteemed producer Howard Hawks.

James Caan notes that the first big-name he worked with in Hollywood was John Wayne. Wayne was 33 years older than Caan and already had boomed success in the industry, so naturally, James Caan admired the Duke.“He was great because he could intimidate you,” explains Caan. “He’d stay on you forever, and you’d just crumble. I mean, he’d just try you.”However, on the set of El Dorado, James Caan recalls getting directions from Howard Hawks, also known as Coach.

“So this one night I remember I was between he and Mitchum and Howard Hawks was about 72 at the time, and we’re outside in this old Tucson. This big old western town and Hawks comes up and says, ‘now look, Kid, when you say that line, here’s what’s going to happen. Duke, you go down the middle of the road right down the center because we are going to surround this bar. Mitchum, you go around that way, and Kid, you go around.’ I said, ‘alright, Coach.’ because that’s what we called him, Coach.’

“He was coach,” notes Letterman. “John Wayne was Duke, and you’re the Kid.” After Hawk gave the instructions, he began walking back to the cameras. James Caan, who does a perfect John Wayne impression, reflected on when Wayne tried to offer the then-youngster a few tips.“So now he has to walk back up 50 yards back to the camera. There’s all kinds of extras, and he’s walking back, and the dude looks at me and goes, ‘now look, Kid.’ He says, ‘when you say that there line, I want you to turn around and give me that look you give me.’

“Give Me That Look That You Give Me.”The men begin to laugh hysterically because Jame Caan has no idea what John Wayne is talking about. Regardless, Caan still gave it a try.“I have no idea what he’s talking about. But the truth is that Mitchum explains me that I was laughing at him all the time. Every time he talked because you had to. How can you take him seriously? That ‘why did you do it’ look. So he said, ‘give me that look that you give me.’ I said, ‘alright. Alright Duke.’

At this point, it isn’t Wayne who is mad about Cann’s performance. It is Hawks. However, the Duke still offered his advice. James Caan must.“He gets behind the camera everything starts going, and they go ‘ACTION!’ and I send my one line and I take a step, and I turn around. Coach goes ‘CUT’. Comes running up, and he goes, ‘look, when you take the step. Don’t take the step. I want you to say the line and go. Just go!’ He starts to walk back to the camera, and Wayne goes, ‘now look, Kid. Don’t take a whole step, take a half a step and then turn around and give me that look you give me.’

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